Conditions for Entry Open to horses registered in any WAHO accepted studbook by the closing date of entries 06 July 2020. No qualification requirements.

Entry restrictions: Title Show or A Show Champion Gold and Silver medal winners are not allowed to take part in a B show for the rest of that calendar year and the two calendar years following, unless the horse has passed from a yearling to junior, from junior to a senior category. Geldings that have won Champion Gold or Silver medals at a Title Show or an A show cannot be shown at B shows for the rest of that calendar year and one calendar year following. Anybody entering an overqualified horse will be liable to a fine of €600 and the horse will be disqualified. All entries on arabian essence website.

In-hand classes

1. Fillies born 2020

2. Colts born 2020

3. Yearling Fillies ( * 2019)

4. Yearling Colts ( * 2019)

5. Fillies 2 years old ( * 2018)

6. Colts 2 years old ( *2018)

7. Fillies 3 years old ( *2017)

8. Colts 3 years old (* 2017)

9. Mares 4-7 years old ( * 2016-2013 )

10. Mares 8 years and older ( * 2012 –….. )

11. Stallions 4-7 years old ( * 2016 – 2013 )

12. Stallions 8 years and older ( * 2012 – ……)

13. Straightegyptians junior fillies (*2019-2017)

14. Straightegyptians junior colts ( * 2019-2017 )

15. Straightegyptians senior mares ( *2016-……)

16. Straightegyptians senior stallions ( * 2016-….. )

17. Geldings

18. Liberty

classes with fewer than 10 entries may not be split. Classes with fewer than 3 horses can be merged. The age groups of classes 9 tot 16 may be re-aranged to overcome any undue imballance in the size of classes. In mare classes foals will be allowed to accompany their mothers into the ring if suitable halted end led.

Judges for in-hand classes Mr Eric Gear

Mr T Tarzinski

Mr C Moscini

Disciplinary Committee Mrs I van Dun

Dr j Poissonier

Mrs Vivian van Eerden

Ringmaster G Oben

Speaker E Blaak

Scoring Arabian Essence

Music Dj Lars

Method of Judging 10 points system with half-points

Type, head and neck, body and topline, legs, and movement will

(in-hand classes) each be awarded points from 1-10 by each of five judges. The total of

points will be divided by the number of judges to give a score out of 50

for the horse. In the event of a tie for, the higher place will be given to the horse with the most points for type. If there is still a tie the higher place will be given to the horse with the most points for movement. Failing a decision on either of these, one judge chosen by ballot will name his preference. 1st and 2nd places horses of each class qualify for their respective championships only if there are yearling championships the first 3 from the respective classes are qualified.

In-hand Championship c) Open method

The Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners will be selected from amongst all the horses which have qualified in their respective classes for each championship.

The number of horses qualified from each class will be officially announced by the show organizer in the schedule and the show catalogue.

    1. 1. The Championships will be judged as follows: a. All the horses qualified for the championship will enter the ring and line up according to the numerical order of their catalogue numbers.
    2. b. The horses will be judged individually, standing and trotting.
    3. c. Each judge will nominate his choice for gold silver and bronze medals together at the same time, from amongst all the horses qualified for the championship.

Points will be given to the nominated horses as follows:

  • • A horse nominated by a judge for Gold Medal will receive 4 points.
  • • A horse nominated by a judge for Silver Medal will receive 2 points.
  • • A horse nominated by a judge for Bronze Medal will receive 1 point.

The Gold Medal will be awarded to the horse with the highest number of championship points.

The Silver Medal will be awarded to the horse with the 2nd highest number of championship points.

The Bronze Medal will be awarded to the horse with the 3rd highest number of championship points.

In the case of a tie, the Rules for Ties in championships will be followed.

The judges will not discuss the horses.

2. A fourth horse will be selected, which will become the Bronze medal winner should one of the three medal winners be disqualified. If this exhibit is not apparent from the voting papers, the judges will be asked to nominate one. This horse will not be announced. In the event that two or more of the medal winners are disqualified, no further substitution will be made.

3. All horses that qualify for their respective Championships must take part in the Championship. Unless a certificate from the DC veterinarian is produced, failure to compete will disqualify the horse from the show, with its record of score and class placing being deleted and the horse being disqualified from showing for the period of one year as from the date of the show. In the event of a disqualification, horses placed behind the disqualified horse will move up a place in the class. Should a horse be sent out of the ring by the judges or taken out by the handler for any reason, it will be deemed to have taken part in the championship.

4. In Title and A shows all horses that qualified for their respective Championship must remain at the showground until after their championships.

Foal Classes

In those shows where foal classes are held:

  1. a) Foals may not compete in EAHSC Championships, nor will they qualify for any future Title or A Show.
  2. b) When foal classes are organized at EAHSC affiliated shows, the EAHSC Rules will apply.
  3. c) Foals must have a minimum age of four weeks at the date of the show, and must be shown at foot (with the dam) up to 6 months of age. Orphaned or rejected foals under six month may not be shown.
  4. d) The use of metal halters and halters with metal chains is forbidden.
  5. e) A comparative judging system is recommended.
  6. f) All the rules pertaining to foal classes must be clearly indicated in the schedule and the catalogue.
  7. g) With regards to stricter rules for the welfare of foals, organisers may introduce their own rules as long as these are presented to ECAHO for approval prior to sending out the schedule and are clearly stated in the show schedule and catalogue.

Foals - for identification purposes:

Foals under six months shown in foal classes with their own mother need no special documentation, but the mother must have all necessary documents.

Foals over 6 months shown without their dam, foals from Embryo Transplant or foals with foster mothers which are shown in foal classes and do not yet have a passport, must be micro-chipped and in possession of a copy of the official Stud Book Registration form, showing the micro-chip number and the graphic description of the foal.

Documents A photocopy of the vaccination certificate and the presently

valid registration document ( passport) and pedigree showing name of horse, sex and date of birth should accompany the entry for each exhibit so that errors in the catalogue and allocation of horses to classes are avoided. Where the year only is given for date of birth, horses will be deemed to have been born on 1st January. Passports for horses registered in Europe ( or registration Certificate for horses from outside Europe ) with graphic description to be presented at the show.

Blue Book 2020 is fully applicable

Conditions of Payment Entry and stabling fees (if not sent with entry forms) should be payed by

Bank-to-Bank draft payable to Q trade B bvba Elderenstraat 57 3700 Tongeren B.

Bank ref. : BNP Paribas Maastrichterstraat 6 3700 Tongeren B

IBAN BE59 0016 9176 9926 BIC : GEBABEBB

For foreigners, please add 12,50 € to the total amount payable.

The entry, stabling, publicity fees and sponsoring should be payed before 5 July 2014.

Entry Fees Entry fee per in-hand/liberty exhibit 100 €

(exclusive of VAT) Permanent box 150 €

The above stabling charges cover up to 4 nights as detailed below.

Entry forms should be posted to the Secretary :

Mrs. Everars – van den Broek and Kids

Elderenstraat 57

B 3700 Tongeren Belgium.

There will be no refund of entry fees, except when an entry has to be refused because the show is being over-subscribed.

Stabling Stabling available 3 nights (10.00 hrs 24th July-10.00 hrs 27th July)

Straw will be supplied.

Hay and extra straw will be available for free.

Horses must be put into the boxes allocated to them.


Starting Order The show organisers will decide the classes. The starting order will be

decided by lot (and NOT in the order in which entries are received).


Handlers in in-hand classes are requested to wear predominantly white clothing. In-hand horses must be shown in normally accepted show bridles or headcollars which are of sufficient strength to ensure the exhibits do not get loose in the ring. Colts and stallions ages 3 years and over must be bitted. The penalty for owners of horses which get loose in the ring will be an immidiate fine of 75 € for each offence and the horse will be shown last in his class.

Protests Protests will be handled in accordance with ECAHO Rules except that no

deposit need be lodged in the event of an alleged incorrect calculation of results.

Vaccination against All horses have tho have their vaccination certificates endored by a

influenza veterinary officer. Horses need 2 or 3 primary vaccinations againts

influenza not less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart.

Vaccination regulations will follow those of the FEI.(6months interval)



Showers Showers for grooms will be available on the showgrounds.

Doctor, vet and blacksmith A doctor, a vet and a farrier will be available throughout the show.

Costs are to be covered by the exhibitor.

Costs The organisers, accept no liability for exhibitors’ costs.

Liability disclaimer The organisers shall not be liable for death, injury, disease or damage to

any person, horse or property howsoever caused.

It is, furthermore, an express condition of entry that each entrant shall indemnify the organisers against all actions, costs, claims, demands or liability whatsever arising out of any action in which he or she may be concerned.

Charges for admission Spectators free

Children – 12 years free

Car park free

Caravan space 25 € (make reservation on entry form)

Catalogues 5 €

Changes The organisers have the right to cancel all arrangements at their discretion in the event of an Act of God.



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